What We Do

Teachin classes!
Spreading love for your brand
Happy little trees for you and me.
Making your site sparkle.

What We're Up To

Developing cirriculum for an upcoming class. Stay tuned!
Developing materials for an upcoming Social Media course, as well as upcoming lectures!


Guiding Clients to Success!
Guiding Clients like Gallery on Geyer to Success!

Social Media Consultation

Building a site for a client.
Currently developing Samobee.com, amongst other clients
(soon to be shared - it's a confidentiality thing!)

Website Construction

Working with Samobee Games to promote Princess Farmer!
Aided Samobee in publicity and
social media

Work with Samobee

A Wonderfully Named D&D App!
A digital Dungeon Master screen, under development.

Dungeon Mouse-ter

Coding a Web-based Weather App
Front-end Web/App Development

Coding & Development

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